To Be Or Not To Be

User Experience

The caption of my blog this time might sound too dramatic, but by the time you are done reading you will realise the dilemma I’m referring to is a common one. “To be or not to be” is a famous opening line by William Shakespeare for one of his most popular plays “Hamlet”. Here the protagonist who is a wealthy Prince is contemplating to choose lesser of the two evils driven by relentless pain and sufferings. As I said it is a pretty dramatic start.

Now here is how this exactly this propped up. I was discussing with a fellow colleague a year back and he said ” Gaurav most of the old SAP GUI gets the work done however with the way the world sees data today, it would be wonderful to have the UI in line with that.” I was confused as what he said was not new and I knew that a lot was being done to improve the overall experience, so much so that there was new technology available for consumers to utilise to achieve these new and beautiful UI’s. Judging the confusion on my face he said, ” I know what you are thinking. You are right, the customer has the power of all technical tools and the requisite licences as well. They also have all the desired functional expertise, the will to change and the support from management to deploy and run.” Hearing him state the obvious I retorted, “Isn’t this the best situation for a company? All they need is a partner to change the existing UI to the new ones.” He smiled and said, “My friend I have a lot of choices in form of technical tools, I have a list of pain points and I have a budget. Can your company help me decide which technical tool is going to be the most appropriate for me in terms of performance, usability, ease of access and with a low cost of implementation.”

It hit me then, the dilemma my customers are facing today is not the availability of tools or budget but really the applicability of the right tool for the right problem. When I joined Splisys  one of the things that came to my mind is lets start a service offering where I can help the customer get rid of this question of which technology to use and which one not to use for a given set of functional users, depending upon their usage pattern and their system access needs.

The way forward is to really analyse the user behaviour and come out with the best fit tool to make the complete user experience efficient, fast and productive. It is wrong to say “One size fits all” for user experience and this is something we as a company have realized and are offering a custom tailored service, to help customers using SAP software, realize their user experience strategy in most efficient and cost effective way.

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SPLITRIP – Truck Tracking and Management Sofware.

It would be safe to say that we are in a world of great technological possibilities. The technological enablement led our customers to desire more visibility and transparency their business processes. These enablement can not only improve the business transactions but also bring in a greater control on the physical world. One such example is the tracking and management of trucks. Most of our customers were handling this piece manually using excel sheets or other manual tools.
Splisys IT Consulting is proud to release on the occasion of BPOG 2015 its latest innovation the “SpliTrip”.
Do you have huge truck movements? How do you handle truck entry and exit and tracking of the truck whilst still in you premise? Do you have an integrated weigh bridge solution? Many such questions is what we have heard from our customers who have huge number of transportations happening via the truck mode. The reason it is important to have effective tracking in place for trucks in the energy and natural resources sector is the cost and importance of the cargo carried. Any pilferage or loss can impact company expenses to a great extent. Also the other important factor is to digitize the value chain to minimize human errors and pilferages. Also it is important that the shipments in SAP can be linked to the actual; truck so that the business process is transparent and automated for the complete supply chain.
Splitrip provides the following functionality:-
1. Truck Assignment: – You can assign one or multiple shipments to a truck. The system does a check for capacity and material compatibility.
2. Weigh Bridge Integration: – The Splistrip offers APIs which can be used to interface weigh bridge data. The functionality facilitates for the capture of laden and unladed weight and the calculation of actual material quantity thereafter. This quantity once approved can be used to post goods movement documents in the SAP system.
3. Gate Entry System: – SpliTrip starts tracking the on premise truck right from the time of gate entry. The gate personnel can intimate the weigh bridge or the operator of the arrival of the truck. In case the shipment is already attached the trip is updated with relevant status. In case of no trip generated yet the gate personnel can create one from the available open shipments.
4. Driver Verification Services: – It is important to verify drivers bringing the trucks into the factory premise. In case any of the drivers have been blacklisted in the system the system shall alert the gate personnel at the time of gate entry of unauthorized entry.
5. Posting of Actuals: – Once the system has calculated the actual quantity of goods brought in the system can be configured to post good movement documents. For FOB purchases or transfer movements the system can be configured for in-transit loss posting and analytics.
6. Reports: – Splitrip comes with an offering of standard reports. These reports are as per the industry standards.
7. Truck Tracking: – One of the other important interface of Splitrip is with the customer preferred GPS tracking software. The figure below give the data flow for a typical GPS tracking software processes. Splitrip has API which can be used to query the GPS software server for data and then display it in the desired report format or use it to generate alerts and notifications.

Data Flow Diagram for SpliTrip
Data Flow Diagram for SpliTrip

8. Alerts and Notifications: – Splitrip depending upon the GPS software solution can generate required alerts such as route deviation, geo fence breach etc. These alerts can be used to notify desired users to take the required action.
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Best Practice OIl and Gas 2015, Houston, #BPOG

Hello Oil & Gas Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this years BPOG2015 with the whole Splisys IT Consulting Leadership team. This is a great opportunity for us to meet like minded professionals from one of the most exciting business sectors. It would be a pleasure to meet you during the BPOG 2015 and discuss your needs for improving your SAP landscape.